Friday, January 22, 2010

We'll Always Have NPR

The radio network that brought us Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, and Rachel Maddow, has gone into the media dustbin with the likes of Run, Buddy, Run, and The Chevy Chase Show.
(“Liberal talk-radio station Air America files for bankruptcy, will go off the air”).

Yes, Air America is no more. But just like the President's health-care plan, and all the other progressive improvements he hasn’t spent enough time explaining to us, it was too far above us for us to appreciate.

Ana Marie Cox, who has hosted a one-hour program on Air America on Saturday and Sundays for the past year, said on Thursday that news of the network's demise took her by surprise. She said that the programming, as well as Air America's Web site, had begun to improve of late but that people hadn't caught up to it.
And that is that, I guess.

But Jonah Goldberg had these cracks at NRO:
Not to rub it in: Since last summer, Air America has been heard in the Washington area on WZAA (1050 AM). Its audience has been so small that Arbitron, which compiles radio ratings, was unable to detect any listeners for WZAA during several weeks in December. That's in Washington, D.C.

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