Saturday, October 25, 2008

FBI Tackles 'Honor Killings'

God forbid that the FBI would ever want to be guilty of “labeling" anything as it relates to a manhunt or a criminal investigation.

That's how they explain their genuflection to their Muslim BRIDGES partners.

The FBI removed the term “honor killing” from the WANTED poster for double-murder suspect and fugitve Yasser Abdel Said, who murdered both his daughters, Sarah Said, 17, and Amina Said, 18, “because they had disgraced the family by dating non-Muslims and acting too 'Western.'” (“FBI Removes 'Honor Killing' From Murder Suspect's 'Wanted' Poster"):

The FBI removed all mention of the controversial term “honor killing” from the wanted poster of a double-murder suspect after ran a story announcing the use of the term.

Yasser Abdel Said, wanted for the murder of his two daughters, has eluded authorities for almost a year. The bodies of the young women — Sarah Said, 17, and Amina Said, 18 — were discovered in the back of a taxicab in Irving, Texas, on New Year's Day.

According to family members, Said felt he was compelled to kill his daughters because they had disgraced the family by dating non-Muslims and acting too "Western.”

The girls’ great aunt, Gail Gartrell, has always called the case an “honor killing.” And for a few days — until last Friday — the FBI publicly agreed.

“The 17- and 18-year-old girls were dating American boys, which was contrary to their father's rules of not dating non-Muslim boys,” The FBI "wanted" poster read early last week.

“Reportedly, the girls were murdered due to an 'Honor Killing.'”

Click here to see the "Honor Killing" wanted poster the FBI took down.

Some Muslims have objected to the term "honor killing" because they say it attaches a religious motive to a crime, which could lead to discrimination against Muslims.

The FBI said Tuesday that it had deleted the term because the FBI never meant to attach a label to the case. Special agent Mark White, media coordinator in the bureau's Dallas office, told that the FBI changed the wording “because the statement was not meant to indicate that the FBI was ‘labeling’ anything.

"The person who wrote it up did not see the misunderstanding that [the original wording] would create,” White said.

Click here to see the FBI's new poster.

White added that the FBI should not be in the business of calling cases anything that is not described in law.

The ugliest thing about this is that the FBI's decision to politically correct their WANTED poster wasn't even in reaction to the usual pressure tactics from CAIR and their other BRIDGES buddies. The FoxNews report says that CAIR hadn't said anything to the feds about the poster, but the feds "made the change on their own initiative after seeing media reports about their poster."

That's when they've got you, you know. Not when they're breathing down your neck to influence your next move, but when they're nowhere around (except in your head), and you plan your next move based on what you think will make them happy.


shidder said...

i do not agree with honor killing especially in rape cases. the rapist should be killed instead. if he is american soldier then kill him if you can or select 10 other americans and kill them one by one

Anonymous said...

this is a bunch of bs! i live in dearborn michigan. I'm shia muslim i can assure you that both sinna and shia living in dearborn disagree with this! "honor killings" are by culture and not religion. NOWHERE in the quaran does it say to "honor kill" anyone. there is talk of stonning as there is in the bible and the torah!!!! stop posting comments about dearborn when none of you even live in our community!

Anonymous said...

in america theres rapes murders and theft going on everyday! people living on welfare and a bunch of other bs. we didnt have rape until the american soilders decided to rape our women. we didnt have murders of innocent people until the soilders touched ground and we didnt have theft till american soilders started stealing oil, gold and now we have a drug war in afganistan because america and britan are fighting over the drugs and money looool american soilders act like heros when all that people that got their heads straight know the truth

Anonymous said...

honor killings my ass! your all a bunch of morons trying to make us look like the bad guys go educate yourselves you idiots!

Anonymous said...

allythilanonymous-instead of getting all offended you should act like you care about Amina and Sarah. Everyone knows that your religion justifies abuse of women and children. When Jesus came to be Saviour of humankind all the old testiment stoning was done away with by Jesus himself. He stood up for the woman caught in adultery and asked her where are her accusers. He told her to go and sin no more and that her sin was forgiven. Stop lying to yourself. Do not bring your sharia here. Islamic abuse of women started way before any American soldier stepped on your lands. Your prophet was not a good clean man. He took a baby as a wife and sexually abused her untill he raped her at 9. Your religious leaders now say it is ok to thigh baby girls. We HAVE read your nasty prohets word. Jesus is the one worthy to be praised. You people call all non-muslims infidels and your prophet condoned killing all non-muslims.Trying to enforce sharia in America is disrespect to us non-muslims. You cant fool people all the time because we read what you all do. Jesus loves you and will accept you with open arms but do not try to make this a muslim nation. It will not happen and too many inncent people will die. You all say in public that you disagree with honor killing but your religion does.