Sunday, October 05, 2008

All One Community?

There are reports of a national outcry over an advertising insert in some newspapers, (not the Detroit Free Press!), containing a DVD of the documentary “Obsession.”

According to the AP report on the “outcry” as many as one person cancelled his subscription to The Oregonian in protest, and dozens of people showed up outside the Portland newspaper’s offices in a demonstration that appeared far from spontaneous.

As seen in the photo below, this Pete Seeger fan is holding a pre-printed sign with a Star & Crescent logo. Fair enough. Free speech is the whole point, at least on our side. The Oregonian identifies this gentleman as Wilbur Wood, and quotes him saying, “’I'm glad to see that it looks like a diverse group. That shows that we care about this whether we're Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or none of the above,’ says Wood.”

Ye gods. I have a feeling he’s none of the above, an overwhelming demographic likelihood since Oregon is, as the Baptists used to say, the most “unchurched” state in the Union. But since one of the outspoken organizers of the protest was United Church of Christ minister Rev. Chuck Currie of Faith Voices for the Common Good, a Christian peace&justice™ outfit, I’m wondering why none of the signs show Christian crosses or Stars of David.

What gets me is the sign being waved by the man behind Wood, with a similar Star & Crescent logo, declaring, “WE ARE ALL ONE COMMUNITY”.

Come now. Here in Dearborn, no one would try that in mixed company, because we all, both infidels and Sons of Allah, know better.

(“Local Arab Americans Call for National Unity-- Islamic National Unity”).

Muslims are in the House of Islam, the rest of us infidel sons of apes and pigs are the House of War--fit for nothing but conversion, heavy taxation, or violent death. ('Anatomy of Surrender'). The only "One Community" that matters to Islam is the ummah, the one nation of Allah.

Get a clue Oregon. You could start by actually watching the DVD.

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