Thursday, October 02, 2008

FBI Shutting Down BRIDGE To Nowhere?

The revelation has shocked the politically sensitive FBI into abandoning its long-held policy of coordinating investigations in the Muslim community with Muslim-rights groups. Officials say it's more important than ever to track down Muslims who have traveled to Pakistan, and gather and disseminate intelligence quickly to disrupt possible terror plots before they can develop to an operational stage.

Maybe we shouldn't say anything, but the FBI has quietly removed its kid gloves after increasing evidence is surfacing about Pakistan sleeper-cells composed of jihadists who've traveled from the US to Pakistan for Al Qaeda training. FBI hunts American citizens trained overseas for terror.

According to WorldNet Daily,

A coast-to-coast dragnet has been launched partly in response to leads developed in the arrest of one of al-Qaida's "fixers" in the U.S., say FBI officials. They report the bureau is in a race against time to identify Pakistan-trained sleeper cells and disrupt a possible pre-election "October surprise."

For the first time since 9/11, counterterrorism field agents have been authorized to spy on young Muslim men and women – including American citizens – who have traveled to Pakistan without any specific evidence of wrongdoing.

It must be serious, because the Feds are even abandoning their profoundly stupid policy of coordinating their terror investigations with local Islamic leaders, an international mania that goes by the general term of "BRIDGE" programs.

It's about time. Nor should the FBI limit their scope to just heading off a pre-election"October Surprise." There's the whole global terror thing they've been awfully bashful about the past few years, out of respect for Imad Hamad and Osama Siblani.

This is welcome news. For the first time since 2001 the FBI is actually in the game on hunting terrorists here at home.

But if things keep going like they have been in the McCain campaign, the FBI will have about 4 months left to get some serious intelligence work done. After that, President Obama will shut them down on that forevermore.

Read all about it here.

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