Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Conyers Still Determined To Prove a Bad Day Fishing Is Better than a Good Day at Work

Conyers invites McClellan to testify on Valerie Plame-CIA leak

June 9, 2008

WASHINGTON -- Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan had mouths dropping open all over the nation's capital with his tell-all book about his feelings regarding the Bush administration.

Now he's getting the chance to say it in person -- to the House Judiciary Committee.

John Conyers, the Detroit Democrat who chairs the committee, sent McClellan a letter today inviting him to the committee room June 20 to testify, specifically on the Valerie Plame-CIA leak of a couple years back.

“In his book, Mr. McClellan suggests that senior White House officials may have obstructed justice and engaged in a cover-up regarding the Valerie Plame leak," says Conyers. "This alleged activity could well extend beyond the scope of the offenses for which Scooter Libby has been convicted and deserves further attention.”

Or not.

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