Sunday, June 22, 2008

ADC Thanks Obama for Hijab Foo-Poo

From the current ADC website, dateline June 20:

ADC Thanks Sen. Obama for his Leadership and Personally Speaking with Muslim Supporters

Today, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) sent a letter to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama thanking him for his leadership in personally contacting and apologizing to the two Muslim supporters whom this past Monday were sidelined by two campaign volunteers during a rally in Detroit, Michigan. Michigan is home to the largest concentration of Arab Americans in our nation and ADC is the largest civil rights organization working on behalf of the Arab-American community.
To read ADC’s letter thanking Senator Obama, see:

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Anonymous said...

Just a note: in a recent article in a newspaper, it was stated as a background fact that there are 400,000 people of Arabic background in the Metro area, "the majority of which live in Dearborn." Where I come from, a majority has to be more than 50%. Applying the simple math would mean that over 200,000 Arabs live in Dearborn. Well, it only seems that way sometimes. There aren't even 100,000 people living in Dearborn, much less Arabs. The latest census says that 30% of Dearborn's population is Arabic, or a total of 30,000 or so. It is a long way from 30K to 200K, isn't it? The spokesman for the mosque that was quoted after this fuss made a point that "they" use pictures of the hijab when it is helpful, but scorn it other times. Well, he doesn't seem to remember that HIS OWN IMAM, in the Detroit Free Press several years ago, stated that wearing the hijab is NOT AN ISLAMIC DUTY. It is a cultural practice, not a religious practice, according to his own imam. Do I smell hypocrisy?