Saturday, December 16, 2006

Shall They Overcome Some Day?

And speaking of civil rights heroes, DU readers from out of town may not be aware that Dearborn’s very own Henry Ford Museum, in recent years, obtained and now has on display the very Birmingham bus to the back of which the late Rosa Parks refused to move.

And now we have become aware that, right after the incident in Minnesota of the six imams having to be forcibly de-planed, one incisive MSNBC interviewer managed a comparison between the imams' refusal to exit the plane when ordered and the refusal of Rosa Parks to give up her seat on the Birmingham bus. Even interviewee Ibrahim Hooper had to choke on that one.

Still, DU has heard rumors, unconfirmed, that farsighted Henry Ford Museum curators seeking to expand their “civil-rights heroes” collection, have been negotiating with US Air for the purchase of the six unassigned seats from which the courageous imams refused to be removed (except by means of police escort).

Nor have we been able to confirm rumors that Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR is calling on all Muslim Americans to boycott US airlines and begin crossing the country on foot, in silent defiance of the airlines’ discriminatory policies.


Michael said...

"rumors that Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR is calling on all Muslim Americans to boycott US airlines "

This would simply make US Air the world's safest airline. Talk about backfire.

These six imams were not on that plane to fly; they were trying to get kicked off. They were behaving as provacatively as possible, to try and start just the kind of circus they got.

They are not Rosa Parks; they are minions of Osama bin Laden.

Anonymous said...

You have a great sense of humor - Loved this post and enjoy your blog.


Ronald Barbour said...

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Anonymous said...

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