Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Day the West Stood Still

Now Britain's Labour Party leader Tony Blair gets the credit for being the first world leader to say multiculturalism is a bad idea. And Earth wasn’t even incinerated by Gort! (But just to keep on the safe side, ever since the speech all BBC announcers have been muttering "Klaatu barada nikto" on the quarter-hour).

Blair gave his speech with the express purpose of addressing multiculturalism’s limits, directed straight at Britain's stubborn non-integrated Muslims. The part that will have everyone most upset is the very end, where he says:

“Our tolerance is part of what makes Britain, Britain. So conform to it; or don't come here. We don't want the hate-mongers, whatever their race, religion or creed."

Whoa. So tolerance doesn't require subsidizing hate-mongers who want to destroy their host country, and never miss an opportunity to disrespect the majority culture? Our heads can't take it in.

We’re also gratified to hear the PM insisting on freedom to speak openly on the subject of Islam, an area in which the UK is much freer than we are here in the USA. Mr. Blair said it should be possible that all call can express their differences within the civility of “shared boundaries.”

“Partly we achieve it by talking openly about the problem. The very act of exploring its nature, debating and discussing it doesn't just get people thinking about the type of Britain we want for today's world; but it also eases the anxiety. It dispels any notion that it is forbidden territory. Failure to talk about it is not politically correct; it's just stupid.”

He also made it clear that there wasn't going to be any tolerance of the Muslim community's efforts to replace UK law in Islamic areas with Sharia. "Nobody can legitimately ask to stand outside the law of the nation. There is thus no question of the UK allowing the introduction of religious law in the UK."

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