Saturday, February 18, 2012

On the Bright Side, We Can Call it an Anti-Muslim Hate Crime

In the latest of at least 20 arrests on terrorism-related charges in the in the last year, Amine El Khalifi, was arrested by the FBI yesterday “a few blocks from the Capitol . . . carrying what he believed to be a loaded automatic weapon and a suicide vest ready for detonation.” (“Federal agents arrest Amine El Khalifi; he allegedly planned to bomb Capitol”).

Earlier on Friday, in preparation for his martyrdom, Khalifi “prayed at Dar Al-Hijrah, a Northern Virginia mosque.” The mosque’s imam, Johari Abdul-Malik happened to be leading prayers at the Capitol for Muslim personnel, including Keith Ellison, around the time Khalifi was planning his departure for Paradise.  The Washington Post reported the imam’s reaction  in an early version of its story on Friday, which has since been revised to remove the statement:

“Clearly the alleged perpetrator... has no regard for Muslim leaders either from our mosque or from the leadership of Muslims in America,” said Johari Abdul-Malik, prayer leader of the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Northern Virginia, after leading the prayers in one of the meeting rooms of the Capitol.

“Whoever this guy was, if he was aiming for the Capitol, he would have gotten all of us,” Abdul-Malik said.

Imagine the nerve of this suicide bomber. So was hoping to blow up the Capitol Building and a lot of infidels. But he would have gotten us too!

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