Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dearborn Wild for Ron Paul

A bit too late for the primary, but we note that Osama Siblani’s pro-Hezbollah Arab American News has endorsed Congressman Ron Paul in the Republican primary.

In a rambling editorial that mirror’s Paul’s own non-sequiturial speaking style, the editorial praises Paul’s for his “noble stances” on foreign policy:

A return to true diplomacy with the likes of Iran and other nations deemed to be threats is the answer, the Air Force veteran Paul defiantly persists as he has for years in Congressional hearings, not continued policies of sanctions and interventions that cripple civilian populations along with hostile rhetoric and condemnations that often only serve as the pretext to more wars serving financial elites, part of the 'Military Industrial Complex' former president Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against.  (“Our endorsement: Ron Paul is the right man for the job”).

Anyway, the AAN is crazy for Paul because he’s opposed to all intervention in the Middle East and thinks Iran should have the bomb if they want one.

I’ve always known that Ron Paul’s foreign policy ideas are a disaster.  Why do so many conservatives take him seriously?

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