Saturday, October 23, 2010

If Renee Montagne Broadcasts in a Niqab, and No One Can See It, Does It Make a Sound?

It’s been a while since CAIR’s had a victory. But credit -- no, blame -- for the firing of Juan Williams by NPR has to go CAIR, at least in significant part. I know George Soros and Media Matters played their role. But out of all them it’s CAIR whose specific object is to halt all criticism of Islam in the United States.

They haven’t done it yet. And getting a figure as popular and as well-respected by both liberals and conservatives as Juan Williams fired is backfiring on CAIR. It’s already backfired on NPR, whose online “Contact us” function crashed beneath the hail of negative comments in response to the action.

On C-Span’s Washington Journal on Friday I noticed that among the liberal callers, who invariably express hatred for Fox News and abide by dhimmi rules when discussing Islam, no one thought firing Williams was the right thing to do.

But getting Williams fired shows CAIR still has a lot of power to intimidate.

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'nuff already said...

I think you raise a very interesting point. Within the first day of this story breaking, CAIR was, if not dead center, at least on the same stage with the rest of the players involved (O'Reilly, NPR, Williams) in this story, but by day two, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone discussing CAIR role . The talk had shifted so that blame was focused squarely on NPR, who it seems, was only biding its time, waiting for that two-faced Williams to slip up so they could issue him a pink slip.

I swear I felt as though I was the only one who noticed this seismic shift in focus. And it was laughable. On the first evening of this incident, I recall watching an interview with Williams where the host asked him if NPR did this of free will or if someone else was pulling the strings. Williams was quick to comment that NPR was forced to play its hand in the manner it did, tacitly naming CAIR as the instigator.

So, when I think about this whole incident now, I think not only did CAIR get Williams fired, but it was also able to get itself removed from the story entirely. Really, everyone should revisit this from t
E beginning and its clear to see someone was pulling stings from somewhere.

By the way, I love this site and check it frequently for updates. I also tell others about it. Please keep up the great work!