Sunday, October 03, 2010

Abdullah's Son Insists His Father Was No Threat

The late Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah’s son said on Friday that the Dearborn Police Department report about the incident of his father’s death “sounds a little suspicious to me.”

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

The DPD report reaches the same conclusions as the Michigan Attorney General’s report on the shooting that was finally released last week.
Abdullah’s son, Omar Regan, said Friday that his father was shot when he was not a threat. “Why would you send a dog to attack him if he was lying down on his stomach?” (“Shooting report mirrors state’s”).
The AG’s report states that, after failing to obey repeated commands by agents to lie down and show his hands, Abdullah lay down on his stomach, concealing a handgun beneath him. Agents then gave him repeated commands that if he refused to show his hands the dog would be deployed. It was later learned that the handgun Abdullah was concealing with his body was loaded with 17 rounds. He rolled over after the dog was set upon him, and fired three rounds.

At that point the agents who ended up returning fire were standing as close as five to twelve feet of where Abdullah was laying. Some or all of the rounds Abdullah fired, in the direction of the agents, mortally wounded the K-9. Any one of Abdullah’s rounds could have just as easily killed an agent.

He was a threat.


Dearborn Observer said...

The Dearborn Police Department obviously waited for the State's report before releasing their own. I can't imagine what took the State so long. How many agents could this punk have shot with that gun? Bottom line, though, is the same as always: If you shoot at the FBI, you get what is coming to you. This guy was never more than a penny-ante tough-guy, and he went out the way he apparently wanted.

Disgusted by the Freep said...

Today's Free Press contains an editorial demanding a Federal investigation of the shooting, which should include an investigation of whether the thug's shooting of the FBI dog was in 'self-defense.' Yep. Because EVERYBODY who carries an illegal gun, tries to escape arrest, refuses to surrender and then SHOOTS at his arresters is only 'defending' himself.

Unknown said...

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