Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sounds Nothing Like Dearborn

And speaking of reporting on bigoted attacks that actually happen, instead of “bracing” for attacks that never happen, I have some timely examples of what proper reporting looks like. I have Mark Steyn to thank for collecting some recent samples.

From Sweden:

( Violent anti-Semitism has become increasingly commonplace in Sweden’s southern city of Malmö, leading many Jewish residents to leave out of fear for their safety. “Threats against Jews have increased steadily in Malmö in recent years and many young Jewish families are choosing to leave the city,” said Fredrik Sieradzki of the Jewish Community of Malmö.

Last year, 79 crimes against Jewish residents were reported to the Malmö police, roughly double the number reported in 2008. In addition, Jewish cemeteries and synagogues have been repeatedly defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti, and a chapel at another Jewish burial site in Malmö was firebombed last January during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. Many Jewish residents of Malmö feel that local anti-Jewish sentiment is linked with negative attitudes towards Israel.In addition to its small community of roughly 700 Jews, Malmö is home to a growing Muslim population. However, local Jews insist that the majority of anti-Jewish sentiment, although certainly existent in the Muslim community, is coming from local Swedes. (“Jews Flee Swedish Town in Wake of Anti-Semitism”).

From the United Kingdom:
More than 924 reports of bigoted violence and abuse were received last year by the Jewish Community Security Trust (CST).

The charity, which monitors anti-Semitism in Britain, said the figures marked the worst year since records began in 1984.

Gordon Brown said the findings were ''deeply troubling.''

The incidents included violent street attacks, arson, egg-throwing, racist graffiti, website hacking and hate mail.
(“Record number of anti-Semitic attacks in Britain”).

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