Thursday, February 25, 2010

Abdullah Shot K-9 with a 'Stolen Handgun'

A WDIV News report earlier this week should put an end to one the fables about the Imam Abdullah shootout being spread around by CAIR’s Dawud Walid. Walid has been demanding autopsy reports for the dog Freddy, the K-9 killed that day, in support of an unsupported theory that the animal, instead of being shot by Abdullah, was actually shot by the FBI.

Now, according to a Local 4 Defenders report on the bullet that killed Freddy, sources have confirmed the fatal “bullet coming from a stolen handgun fired by the Muslim cleric, Luqman Ameen Abdullah.”

This is the second time in a couple weeks that Walid, and his co-rabblerousers, Ron Scott and Abayomi Azikiwe, have been rolled in the dirt by details about the Abdullah shooting coming to light. On February 15th, a veteran SWAT member said that his review of the available reports and evidence led him to conclude the FBI agents had done the right thing. Retired FBI agent Gregory Stejskal explained why the task force used the dog, why they used overwhelmimg force when they were fired upon, and why Abdullah’s corpse was found handcuffed.

In response, Walid backpedaled by saying, “The reality is that none of us were at the scene. We re­ally don’t know what happened.”


JP Dearborn said...

Does anyone know the leaders of a local VFW group? What is needed in this town is a massive march down Michigan avenue, ending at City Hall, in support of the FBI, America, and American values. Such a march would be best led by a group such as the VFW.

Anonymous said...

VFW Lt. Archie Kelly Post 2107
(313) 561-6012

Commander - Joe Terry
Sr. Vice Commander - Tom Houle
Jr. Vice Commander - Armin Alviani
Quarter Master - Nate Rose
Adjutant - Richard Fleek
Advocate - Tom Lohaman
Chaplin - George Harvey
Surgeon - Andy Anderson
Officer of the day - Lenny Zazula
Historian - Tom Houle
Service Officer - Tom Houle
Legal Officer - Tom Houle
Trustee 3 Year - Matt Natter
Trustee 2 Year - Frank Carmichel
Trustee 1 Year - Dick Laurie

Fort Dearborn Post 364
(313) 562-9090
Commander - Phil Smith
Senior Vice Commander - Butch Shinkonis
Junior Vice Commander -John Stankey
Adjutant -Mike Buda
Finance Officer - Ken VanHooser
Chaplain -Andy Anderson
Historian -Sal Alvarado
Judge Advocate -George Harvy
Sergeant Of Arms- Tom Wilson
Service Officer -Eshad Ali
Past Commander -Richard Fleek

Anonymous said...

They have so many groups and organizations with dubious leaders who are often quoted in the press. We need to do more than just march. We need to form a group to counter their propaganda.