Wednesday, November 04, 2009

CAIR and the FBI's REALLY BAD Breakup

We’ll see if Congressman John Conyers takes the bait and announces that his committee will be investigating the FBI shooting of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah. Such a move would be cynical, harmful to national security, and, in the end, useless other than to cast undue aspersions on America’s domestic counter-terrorism activities. In other words, it would be Conyers’s idea of a roaring good time.

According to a Free Press blogger, Jeff Gerritt, “The account now widely held in the community is that Abdullah was shot repeatedly by agents, after he shot an unleashed police dog, despite official reports that Abdullah fired on agents.” (“Government should heed calls to investigate Abdullah's death”).

The account, in other words, (and Gerritt posted this on Friday, only 2 days after the story broke), was that the FBI is lying about what happened, and agents murdered Abdullah in cold blood because he was either black, or Muslim, or both.

How, you ask, did “the community” come to widely hold this account?

We know Dawud Walid was busy as early as last Thursday morning, within mere hours after being personally informed of the raid by the FBI. Thursday was when Walid was already blogging this:

The whole world is looking at Motown now due to the death of a local Imam, who was shot by the FBI after allegedly shooting their dog as well as the arrests of a dozen other people relating to numerous (non-terrorism) related charges.
Think fast, or you might not catch Walid’s bent logic that the only time lethal force is called for against violent, armed felons is when they’re charged with terrorism.

Walid continued to repeat this story about Abdullah being treated worse than the FBI dog in the press and on blog radio shows. He told Ginnnah Muhammad (who does spell her name with three Ns and refuses to appear on radio without her Niqab) on her call-in blog show that while the FBI’s dog was airlifted by helicopter to the vet, Abdullah was shot 18 times, handcuffed, and, instead of being airlifted to the vet, basically left for dead.

Walid’s source for these details was Abdullah’s family, who claimed they were given that information from the Medical Examiner’s Office, though the coroner refused to confirm those details when asked by Free Press reporter, Niraj Warikoo.

Walid also claimed a government agent told him that “Abdullah died after shooting the dog.” Of course, the feds already told us Abdullah died after shooting the dog. Reasonable people may conclude that task force agents returned fire without hestitation the instant Abdullah, an armed suspect with a violent history who, after refusing lawful commands to surrender, revealed his state of mind by firing his weapon at any task-force member (yes, including their dog). But Walid wants to convey that agents only shot Abdullah because he killed their dog, not because the agents were following their training when an armed, resistant felon starts shooting.

Walid has also been referring to the undercover officers as “agents provocateurs.” Abdullah wasn’t a terrorist, Walid is telling “the community.” The Imam was a humanitarian blend of Fr. Solanus and Oprah. He was only guilty of the crimes he was charged with because “agents provocateurs” tricked him into them.

I can’t imagine Walid possibly saying and doing things that could be more inflammatory in “the community” he pretends to represent. How is referring to officers of the Joint Terrorism Task Force as "agents provocateurs" and murderers helping Walid perform the inspirational mission of CAIR, “to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding”?

Walid’s malarkey, and the “we want justice” stance of the people who staged Abdullah’s funeral, remind me of nothing more than the bad old days of the Black Panther party. They had a Free Breakfast Program, too!

And surprise! Some in the Islamic, Black Muslim community are now stating that Abdullah was “assassinated” by the “racist, murderous and terrorist organization,”--the FBI, which

“carried out raids, arrests and murder of Black Panther Party members, the American Indian Movement and others in the 1960s and 1970s under its Cointelpro [Counterintelligence] Program.

“The FBI was involved in harassing and threatening the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X for many years. Many believe the FBI was involved in Malcolm’s assassination.”

You know, we've had our issues with the FBI, but they aren't a death squad.

Is this really the way Walid, CAIR, Hamad, and the ADC want to play this? By adopting the bankrupt “off the pig” rhetoric of the black power movement of the 1960s?

Maybe this rusty revolutionary boilerplate might make some sense for the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque “community” who follow former Black Panther minister of justice, H. Rap Brown, now known as"Ummah" leader Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, and who have surely drunk deep of the heady Panther myths of race war and “us vs. them.” But don’t Walid, Hamad, and Imam Mohammad Elahi represent non-violent, peace-loving, terror-condemning, democracy-embracing, mainstream, Muslim America?

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