Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hudson River Landing

Impressive animation of US 1549 landing in the Hudson River.


Anonymous said...

4 questions:

1) Does israel have nuclear weapons?
2) Is this good or bad for peace?
3) Does T.R. Clancy believe in freedom of speech, truly, for all?
4) Who are we kidding?

T.R. Clancy said...

1) I'm pretty sure they do.

2) Good.

3) Yes.

4) Meaning what?

Anonymous said...

How old are you, T/.R.\ Clancy?

T.R. Clancy said...

Why do you want to know?

Anonymous said...

Why would you believe T.R. does not believe in free speech?

This blog is not a democracy. It belongs to T.R. and is the manifestation of his right to free speech.

He encourages comments, even from dissenters.

Do you have beliefs that differ from T.R.'s? Do you want them represented somewhere in the blogosphere? Then get your own blog. Until then, you may leave comments as you wish.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, don't tell me what i may or may not do, or i will start telling you what you may and may not do, and believe me, you will not like it. and why are you defending T./R.\Clancy, anyway? are you his momma? are you his lawyer? are you his gay lover? why are you so defensive on his behalf? so what if i assumed what i want to assume? who are you, anyway? are you a fag?

Anonymous said...

Free speech means that I "can tell you what to do". It also means you can ignore it.

Please feel free to tell me anything. If I don't like it I will ignore it.

You have attempted to discredit the argument of free speech on this blog by discrediting me. This sort of ad hominem attack reveals your ignorance Your use of ad hominem attacks weakens your position and indicates an inability to find fault with the position of free speech on this blog.

You can call me momma, lawyer, fag, or gay lover. You can tell me what to do if you like. But, your wasting your time. I will just ignore it.