Saturday, February 21, 2009

'Someone Get Me Paula Zahn!'

Damn! It really is September 10, 2001!

Chandra Levy is back in the news.

For five months in 2001 leading right up through the evening of September 10, the cable news producers, the worst offenders of whom were at Fox News, were positively addicted to running empty stories about the unsolved murder of Chandra Levy.

The stations only had a handful of facts, few of them fresh after months of repeating them, and a total of maybe 28 seconds of video, (Chandra doing dishes, Rep. Gary Condit with his sports jacket slung over his shoulder); but they looped the footage incessantly, sometimes dozens of times every evening, until sensitive types like me were going out of our minds.

It took the 9/11 attacks to get Fox News to drop it.

Who knows? If they actually can go back and re-start history where it lay on 9/10 by finally charging Ms. Levy’s killer, maybe they can go back now and catch bin Laden.

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Anonymous said...

I think most would be happy and relieved to know the id of Levy's killer.

In the more than 8 + years since 9/11 most have changed their mind on the matter.

It is either "too far in the past" to worry about, "our fault", "a hoax", or my favorite, "a conspiracy of the US government"

The US perpetrated 9/11 and blamed Muslims for it. They say the intelligence community cooperated because it meant long term job security.

I think we've come so far since 9/11, we might see protests and outrage if we caught Bin Laden. We could not possibly incarcerate him so Obama would release him anyway.