Friday, December 19, 2008

President's Moves Draw Kudos from Hollywood Legend

Retired Hanna-Barbera star, Top Cat, reached at his room in the Old Actors Home in Woodland Hills, California, said recently he was deeply impressed at how well the President handled having shoes thrown at him in Baghdad.

“Many was the time a thrown shoe knocked me clean off a wooden fence,” recalled Cat, 79. “Benny, Choo-Choo, we’d all get nailed now and then. It was usually after dark, and if we were talking loud we didn’t always hear it coming. But we ducked our share, too. We’re cats, we do have reflexes.”

Which was one of the things that impressed him and his gang most about the President’s reactions in Baghdad. Cat, whose close friends call him “T.C.”, said “that guy dodged those brogans like a pro. He was cool about it, see. We all agreed we'd hang out with him in an alley any time.”

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Anonymous said...

Nice twist on the story, especially after the note on the press secretary! Droll...