Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dearborn's Specialty Wal-Mart Paid Back With $12M Bias Lawsuit

What is this mystical connection between Muslims and Wal-Mart? We just saw how the University of South Florida terrorists used Wal-Mart as a place to buy remote-control toy cars to turn into detonators, and Wal-Mart again as an excuse (shopping for cheap gas) to hang around US military installations. ("U of South Florida Jihadist Sentenced").

Now we see where a Dearborn man is suing Wal-Mart for $12 million for anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bias. ("Dearborn man alleges bias in Wal-Mart suit'). The man, Louay N. Kezy, worked in the stock department at the Dearborn Wal-Mart on Ford Road. The Wal-Mart that caters, oddly enough, to Dearborn's Middle Eastern community. ('Round-Up in Aisle 3').

Kezy, who describes himself in his complaint as a "Muslim Arab American," claims that he was being tormented by his fellow non-Muslim Arab American stock coworkers, causing him a hostile work environment. When he complained to management, he was first mistreated, and then fired.

This is one of those stories that will be followed up several months from now, (that is, if there's any room left by then in Detroit's much-reduced newspapers), with a 25-word news brief stating that the case was dismissed. I don't know what Wal-Mart pays their stock employees, but loss of a stock department career at Wal-Mart doesn't add up to $12 million in lost wages.

I spent several years working in employment-related discrimination law, and if there was one thing I learned it's that for every 100 people convinced they're suffering workplace discrimination, there is one genuine cases of employment discrimination. And unless you're earning a Fortune 500 salary, your prospective wage losses aren't going to be anywhere near $12 million.

I imagine Kezy's lawyer, Nabih Ayad, is just going for the big splash, and the quick touch, à la Geoff Fieger. But these days corporations are fighting back against frivolous lawsuits, and I don't think Ayad will find this so easy.

But then no less of an authority than Dawud Walid, executive director of The Council on American-Islamic Relations, phoned this in about the Wal-Mart case:
"Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not as rare as the general public might think. There is quite a bit of discrimination against Arabs and Muslims in Dearborn, even though there is a large population there."

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Anonymous said...

Okay, just for shits-n-giggles.

We have yet another victim wailing Dearborn mooo-slime that is suing Dearborn's Wal-Mosque for $12 mill, along with the $10 mill suit filed against Dearborn's East Mich Ave McDonald's by the same sleazy mooo-slime attorney along with 'unindicted co-conspirator' CAIR-MI's executive negro Willis Delano Anthony, Jr. a/k/a Dawud Walid by his side. They alleged no towels allowed on their heads at Mickey D's as excuse for required employee uniform inline with corporate safety standards.

Back to the $12 mill, this translates to earnings of $1 mill/month or $232,558.00/week or $46,511.00/day or $5,814/hour.

Now, let's generously assume that Dearborn's Wal-Mosque pays its forced quota aye-rab/mooo-slime hire stock boys a lofty $10/hour. Keep in mind that UAW new-hires earn $14/hour.

That translates to $77/day or $385/week or $1,667/month or a yearly $20,000.00

Of which the mooo-slime was terminated after employment from March thru August. Six months.

Even so, this would require the allegedly harassed mooo-slime 700 years to earn what he is suing Wal-Mosque.

The bottom line is that these lawsuits are no accident; they are in fact an attack by 'unindicted co-conspirator' CAIR on America's corporate world no different from those from the Rainbow/Push coalition years of corporate extortion.

A good read and great take on this latest victim wailing mooo-slime bullshit:

I hope the Wal-Mart corporate boys down in Arkansas play cowboys-n-mooo-slimes in Dearborn. They should've never sucked the kabob when they opened their store in Little Ramallah in the first place.

Remember Wal-Marts Antitrust violation? I do.

March 03, 2008
Live From Dearbornistan: Welcome to Islamofascist, Price-Fixing Walmart (Store's Agreement Not to Undercut Muslims Violates Federal Anti-Trust Laws)