Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why Intellectuals Went for Obama

While the Obama honeymoon continues, I expect the liberal commentators, especially the snarkier of them in the Washington-New York axis, to continue their self-congratulating essays on how, after eight years of troglodyte rule, healthy intellectualism is once again welcomed in the land.

That's because, as we never get to the end of hearing, liberals love learning, deep thinking, philosophy, nuance, while conservatives only use books as fuel for warming their hunting lodges, and don't believe in science. Most of all, liberals pride themselves on being well informed.

The video below I ran across on the Ms.Underestimated blog.

It's a bit lengthy, but worth following through. I was especially dismayed by the willingness of these folks to hate Sarah Palin, (to say nothing of their universal inability to distinguish her from Tina Fey), and their lists of who they turn to for information. There is one young lady who is refreshingly frank after realizing how uninformed she was, but that didn't affect her commitment to Obama in the least.

By the way, you'll be glad to know that the 52% of Americans who voted for Obama apparently believe that Republicans are running Congress.

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