Saturday, November 08, 2008


“And though we fell short–the failure is mine, not yours.”
-- John McCain on election night.

Senator McCain finally makes a statement with which I can agree without reservation or condition.


Anonymous said...

So McRINO lost. That's a big surprise. If he had won it would have been a miracle. Just like Bob Dole, he was an old fart whose turn it was to run. He never sold us on why he wanted to be president. Had he not selected Saracuda as his VP I would not have voted for him. Friends of mine and I felt the same way. We were gonna vote for Bob Barr. If Republicans want me to vote for them in the future, they had better give me a reason.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,
What sort of reason are you looking for? Or, is it not reason at all? Do you just want to feel good about who you vote for?

You seem to feel the need to denigrate their names. Is there a reason for this? Are you a person of reason?

It appears you are not. So what purpose would there be for any candidate to attempt offering you reason? None

Anonymous said...

Oh, blow it out your ass.

McCain is a RINO.

And here's another one for yah, McAmnesty.

Anonymous said...

The audacity of anger?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

The audacity of anger?"

Anger? What anger?

Maybe you're just a moron.

Anonymous said...

The audacity of hate speech?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
The audacity of hate speech?"

Where is there any form of hate speech in this thread?

Perhaps you may be a moron too.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, blow it out your ass."

How original. Is that original, or are you quoting "Urban Dictionary Lite"

Since you don't know who you are responding to you would do well to show a little respect. I do know who you are responding to, and while you have free speech, your freedom has its'limits.

Too bad you get to hide behind your keyboard because you deserve to have your sorry anonymous ass pounded into the ground. Moron.