Thursday, April 10, 2014

‘It Was Vigilantes!, Slow Response Times!’ Take 2

In an astounding piece of delusional journalism, Brian Dickerson at the Detroit Free Press is rehabilitating the savages who attempted to murder Steve Utash as “vigilantes.”

People don’t feel the need to take the law into their own hands when they can count on police to enforce it, and even those predisposed toward criminal behavior are less likely to assault or steal from their neighbors if they know they’re certain to be apprehended and punished . . .

. . . It’s hardly rocket science to understand that citizens who have been urged to take up arms may come to see themselves as the city’s de facto first responders. What happened to Utash suggests that too much is left to chance when citizen-soldiers supplant trained police officers on the front lines.  (“Detroit - where vigilantes are the face of the law”).

Is that what this mob of 12 to 30 assailants were? “citizen-soldiers” who saw themselves as first responders enforcing the law by punching and kicking a lone, unarmed white motorist nearly to death?

Dickerson has no right to this level of muddled thinking. When Detroit Police Chief James Craig has, on numerous occasions, recommended that citizens arm themselves, it was against the threat of armed or otherwise violent home invaders, carjackers, or other violent criminals – NOT passing motorists involved in a traffic accident who immediately pull over and check on the injured person.

What foolishness.

What amazing, blind, and inexcusable self-deception.


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