Saturday, April 05, 2014

“And They Cast Him Out”

America has exchanged a toothless regime disapproving of sodomy in the privacy of one’s own bedroom for an iron-gloved tyranny forbidding disapproving of sodomy in the privacy of one’s own mind.unmutual

I think that’s what they mean by a “bad bargain.”

Friday’s NRO has a fine analysis of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s being hounded out of his employment as an Unmutual:

The various tendencies that operate under the general heading of “gay rights” have had an extraordinary run of it in the past several years, in both the political and the cultural theaters. We now have a constitutional right to commit homosexual acts (Lawrence v. Texas), while Facebook offers at last count 56 different gender options to its users (trans with or without asterisk, genderqueer, neutrois, and two-spirit among them). Having won the battle in California, the sore winners are roaming the battlefield with bayonets and taking no prisoners. Mr. Eich’s donation had been a matter of public record for some years, but Eros is a jealous god, and he will have blood from time to time. Mr. Eich’s elevation to the chief executive’s position provided occasion for critics within his firm and without to make an example of him.

This is, of course, pure poison. This is not a matter of law but one of culture, and not a question of means but of ends. . . .

. . . .The nation’s full-time gay-rights professionals simply will not rest until a homogeneous and stultifying monoculture is settled upon the land, and if that means deploying a ridiculous lynch mob to pronounce anathema upon a California technology executive for private views acted on in his private life, then so be it. The gay agenda of the moment is, ironically enough, to force nonconformists into the metaphorical closet. If through the miracle of modern medicine you end up with five sets of mixed genitals, you’ll get your own section in the California civil-rights statutes; cling to nearly universal views about marriage for a few months after it’s become unfashionable, and you’re an untouchable.

Please read the rest here.

It now occurs to me that last Sunday’s Gospel (John 9) also was about someone expelled by corrupt moral authorities for a thought crime.  The Pharisees hated Jesus and were determined to get a man born blind, whom Jesus had healed, to agree with them that “this man is a sinner.”  When the man refused to do it, they expelled him from the synagogue – after first scolding him for daring to teach them anything. 

Good lesson there. 


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