Monday, March 22, 2010


James Simpson at American Thinker:
Stupak was for the bill all along

There are not enough derogatory adjectives in the dictionary to describe Bart Stupak. This one, lone, "principled" Democrat caved today on the most nonsensical promise of all: that the President could actually write an executive order that trumps legislation. Astonishing! Has he ever read the Constitution? If he and the Democrats believe this will work, then they believe that the President is in fact a despot and can rule by decree. If they don't believe it, well...

But that latter bet is not far off, it turns out. Don't know how we missed it, but
this video from last fall reveals that Stupak was all set to vote for the bill all along, regardless the abortion provision. He played it hard to the end, but it appears now it was all theatrics.

In another interview with Fox's Megyn Kelly around the same time, Stupak was essentially calling the President and Democrat leaders liars. He was bluff and confident, claiming he and his "pro-life" Democrats could kill the bill in November. Kelly expressed surprise that he would challenge the President's words, and pointed out that Stupak was no "blue dog" Democrat, but an Obama supporter, and had a 95 percent liberal rating from Americans for Democratic Action. He responded that he was not a "progressive" or a blue dog, "...I'm just a plain old Democrat doing my job."

That's right he's just like every other Democrat, not a blue dog or a yellow dog, just a plain old dog. And when
Nancy Pelosi says "roll over" he's on the floor with his feet in the air, tongue lolling and tail wagging like a hound. Instapundit just remarked that a grant announced Friday for three airports in Stupak's district was probably just a coincidence... At a mere $729,406, Instapundit is probably right. That looks more like a bone Pelosi threw him. The idiot didn't need a bribe when he has the President's word!

Meanwhile, the Democrats are confident they
will win on a motion to recommit likely forthcoming from Republicans. And why not? The Stupaks of the world have already sold out. There will be no percentage in them voting with Republicans to recommit under any circumstances.

It was difficult to imagine any Democrat holding out against the
thuggish pressure the thugs of today's Democrat Party are willing to use. But I need not have worried. It turns out even the "principled" Democrats have none.

So congratulations. You have your
healthcare wrecking, nation wrecking, healthcare bill, Democrats. Good luck with that. For the rest of us, welcome to Communism 101.

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