Monday, September 28, 2009

Leonard Cohen Razzed by Jazz Police!

From The American Thinker:

Leo Rennert
On Sept. 24, singer-poet Leonard Cohen packed a 45,000-seat stadium near Tel Aviv for a concert designed to raise funds for one of his pet projects -- an organization that promotes reconciliation -- with a good measure of success --between Palestinian and Israeli families whose members have been killed or injured during this protracted conflict.

Some fringe groups of Israel-bashers urged a boycott of the concert, but failed miserably, as was clearly demonstrated by the huge turnout.

So how does the Washington Post report this event? As a triumph of hands-across-the-divide efforts to sow amity and cooperation between the two sides -- the full realization of what Cohen was trying to accomplish -- in the teeth of organized attempts to torpedo the concert?

No, siree. Washington Post correspondent Howard Schneider deftly shapes his account to give top play to vociferous critics of the concert and follows this up with a recitation of other recent anti-Israel boycott attempts. A triumph for Cohen and a feather in Israel's cap are turned upside down into a twisted picture of Israel behind the eight ball.

How do Schneider and the Post manage to give their readers this distorted piece of anti-Israel bias.?

Start with the headline, a tipoff of Schneider's real agenda -- "Singer Leonard Cohen Performs in Israel, Against Backdrop of Criticism ."

Read the rest of it here.

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