Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Copenhagen Meets Chicago's Little Merman

As has been reported, President Barack Obama is traveling to Denmark this week to arrange for the 2016 Olympics to be held in Chicago. Obama is best suited for this mission because he best represents his “adopted” hometown of Chicago. Even moreso because he represents the Olympian gods whom the games were originally intended to amuse, and from several of whom he is most likely descended.

In honor of the president’s mission his chief political adviser, David Axelrod, revised Danny Kaye’s version of, “I’m Hans Christian Andersen” from the 1950s film for the president to sing as he descends from Air Force One.

“I’m Barack Hussein Obama”

(Jauntily, to the melody of Frank Loesser'sI’m Hans Christian Andersen”.

I'm Barack Hussein Obama

I've many a dream to sell

And though my plans are in a ditch

I'd say I sell them rather well

First I'll fix health care, then I'll tame Iran

When I have a moment free

When I'm not otherwise preoccupied
As Chicago's guy, with an ACORN lie

Or a skip across the sea!

I'm Barack Hussein Obama,

Obama, that's me!

I'm Barack Hussein Obama,

My tongue's like a babbling brook

Gushing forth ideas radical

Taken straight from Alinsky's book

I depend on all you simple fools
To recall just a phrase or two

Not to throw a fit, just to take the bit

Not to realize while you're hearing it

All we've got in store for you!

I'm Barack Hussein Obama,

Obama, that's who!

They really love me at the Times

They more than get the hint

The Van Jones mess, ACORN's distress

Not a word there fit to print!

What's 'round and 'round the Net, you see

Will never bother me,

Not when NBC can't stop hailing me,

which is merely to remind myself

I'm Barack Hussein Obama,

Obama, that's me!

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