Monday, July 09, 2007

Press & Guide, ADC Merger in the Works

Hello, Dearborn.

Your hometown newspaper, the Dearborn Press & Guide, is continuing its policy of publishing as “news” stories unedited articles written by Muslim advocacy organizations, such as the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC).

One such story, “DHS incident management team discusses UK terror incidents,” ran in Sunday’s online edition of the Press & Guide. Go to the ADC website and you'll see it is all but identical to the “ADC News” piece posted over there.

The article discusses a July 1 conference call between the ADC and the Departments of Homeland Security, State, Treasury, and Health and Human Services officials, initiated in response to the London and Glasgow bombing attempts of just 2 days earlier. The article says that ADC is an active member of the DHS’s “Incident Management Team,” created after 9/11 to develop “best practices that will combat extremism and radicalization while protecting civil rights and civil liberties.”

But the purpose of the call was not to offer community assistance to DHS in combating extremism and Islamic radiclaization here in the US. Instead, the ADC wanted to mau-mau the feds and the press into self-censoring the blazingly obvious fact that the failed UK suicide attacks were perpetrated by Muslim extremists engaging in a religiously motivated act of jihad. According to the piece:

“ADC emphasized the need for continued dialog and cooperation with law enforcement and other government agencies in order to combat negative misconceptions and the stereotyping of entire communities based on the actions of a few individuals.”

The ADC also “issued a reminder to members of the media to be mindful of using terminology that would associate these terrorist incidents with any specific religion as a whole or any particular ethnic or racial communities. Rather, as the officials clearly indicated, these are the deplorable actions of extremist individuals.”

You can see for yourself the Press & Guide didn't need any reminder. They've been on board for ever so long.

And tragically, the feds at least say they're willing to go along with denying that black is black. “The federal officials assured ADC and the other organizations that there is no evidence suggesting the terrorist incidents in the UK have any relation to the United States. The officials also stated that these incidents are not and should not be reflective of any specific religion or communities and should not be taken as such by members of the media or the general population.”

The UK’s willingness to deny that Muslim religious extremism, violence, and plots in that country were associated with Islam helped create the very environment that incubated the London and Glasgow bombers, and hundreds, if not thousands more, like them. This will not be the last such attack against Britain.

The ADC is clearly pressing for the same insane policy here. Obviously, the purpose of the Incident Management Team is not to be a "bridge" between the Arab American community and DHS to more effectively head off jihadist attacks in America. Its only mission is to enforce against US media and law enforcement the same policies of censorship and denial of connections between terrorist activity and Islam that have once again proved so disastrous in the UK.

Nowhere does this article describe even one example of practical cooperation the ADC plans to offer the government in actually combating radical Muslim extremism in the American Arab community.

Rather, even while the debris from the UK plots is still being swept up--and the FBI itself has reported that “two of the people detained for the bungled car bombings had sought work in the United States,” (“U.K. readies charges against bomb suspect’)--the "Incident Management Team" is reviewing with the Muslim community a laundry list of social service initiatives and promises not to imperil “civil liberties.” The bullet points include proposed conferences with “community leaders to understand the thoughts and hopes of young people from these communities,” and describe extorted pledges from the feds to “continue to be active in prosecuting hate crimes, acts of employment discrimination, and upholding the free exercise of religion by all communities.”

I remind local Dearborn readers that actionable cases of local hate crimes against Muslims are almost non-existent, (and usually involve nothing more menacing than graffiti or vandalism), and instances of denials of free exercise of religion to Muslims pending in local courts are still stuck at 0. The myth of anti-Muslim hate crimes is one of the most often referenced, and seldom concretized, social problems faced in the metro area.

The problem we're all facing is not that mosques are being shut down by government officials. It's that radical Muslims are being nurtured, funded, and sent out from within Muslim communities to do harm, and the larger community is not allowed to talk about it out loud.

So how has an attempt at mass murder by Muslims against women and kids in the UK turned into a Department of Homeland Security initiative to accept blame for phantom civil rights violations against American Arabs?

Are dirty looks at veiled women the only kinds of incidents the DHS "Incident Management Team" was created to fight?

Wasn't the DHS's mission to protect all Americans from terrorism?

And Dearborn, aren't you just so proud of your hometown newspaper?

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