Friday, July 13, 2007

The Media and the Democrats are Lying When They Say the Surge Has Failed

Whether or not Joseph Goebbels actually was the one who said that if people hear a lie often enough it would be widely accepted as truth, I think the principle of the idea is plain enough. And the bigger the lie, the more often it has to be repeated.

When coming up against a big-lie strategy subtlety and a careful amassing of evidence really don’t work. The big lie has to be faced head on, and directly contradicted.


Harry Reid is lying when he says there’s “simply no evidence that the escalation is working.” There is, and he knows it.

Jack Murtha was lying when he said, before the surge had even fully begun, that “surge is not producing the results that were promised.” Not only was it foolish to say such a thing before the surge had even started, but no one believed a word of anything this sorry crook had to say, including himself.

Matt Lauer and Andrea Mitchell are lying when they say “that Iraqi government officials have failed to meet any of the key benchmarks that were put in place as part of that surge,” and “if there were any doubt about the surge it ended with the continuing death toll from Iraq.”

The mainstream press in general is consistent in misrepresenting to viewers and readers that “Not one of goals set for Iraq to be met.” This is a lie, as 8 out of 18 have been met, and two have mixed results.

And the reason they are lying is because any evidence of progress in Iraq threatens the fundamental big lie about the Iraq war, namely that It Can Never Be Won No Matter What, So We May As Well Just Give Up And Pull Out. When evidence of progress surfaces, it's hard to argue away, because there isn't supposed to be any in the first place. So instead it has to be denied flat out.

These people aren't telling the truth. And Americans depending on the media or the Democratic politicans in Congress for information are not being given the truth, just like they haven’t been truthfully informed about so many other things: (the 8 US Attorneys, the reasons we invaded Iraq, Katrina, the 2000 election, Scooter Libby, and so on and on and on).

But I find there is good news out there about the success of the surge in Iraq , if I'm just willing to work to get hold of it.

One way to hear some good news is by listening to Maj. General Rick Lynch, Commander of the Third Infantry Division in Iraq, who was interviewed this morning on Bill Bennett’s show (hurry before the interview gets archived and won't be available for free).

Lynch says it is "totally accurate to say we have the enemy on the run " in Iraq. He also says local populations are rising up across Iraq to join the coalition, fed up with Al Qaeda. Lynch also says his soldiers are re-enlisting in droves, and tell him all the time, “We’re glad we’re here.”

Another great source is former acting Army chief of staff General Jack Keane. On July 9 he gave a genuinely outstanding, in-depth assessment of the surge at an AEI panel. Audio available here.

Then there is Omar, who blogs from Baghdad at “Iraq the Model,” describing how:

“Iraqis are awakening, one very telling example can be seen in the ongoing operation in Diyala; members of the 1920 revolution brigades, once bitter enemies of the US military and Iraqi government are now assisting US and Iraqi military in fighting al-Qaeda even though the majority of the Iraqi soldiers and officers are Shia.

“If the change in exclusively Sunni Anbar is good then the change in Diyala is good beyond words.”

Then there is Kimberly Kagan’s report, (“Moving Forward in Iraq”), in which she says that

“Violence in Baghdad and Anbar Province is down dramatically, grassroots political movements have begun in the Sunni Arab community, and American and Iraqi forces are clearing al Qaeda fighters and Shiite militias out of long-established bases around the country.

“This is remarkable because the military operation that is making these changes possible only began in full strength on June 15. To say that the surge is failing is absurd. Instead Congress should be asking this question: Can the current progress continue?”

Then there are more direct sources, like US Central Command's website, or blogs that specialize in collecting “Good News from Iraq: News the MSM Won’t Show You.”

I've never been much of one for making converts. Our purpose here at DU isn't to change anybody's mind. Besides, I’m afraid at this point that Americans aren’t changing their minds on these things any more. We’re either supporting the war in Iraq, and the larger war against jihad, or we aren’t. If you didn't care about facts to start with, you aren't going to start liking them better now.

Just as long as you know you aren't getting facts from the media and the Democrats in Congress.

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