Thursday, June 07, 2007

UM Grad and Law Student on Civil Rights: "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen."

Remember when emblems of American racism were black sharecroppers denied equal chances at education, employment, and political power, or maybe seamstresses who had to ride the bus to work because they couldn’t afford a car?

Apparently things have gotten so much better on the race front, (and yet somehow worse than ever, according to the New York Times and NPR), that one can still be a victim of severe racism and manage to do quite well.

Today’s Detroit News reports this weekend’s 24th annual convention of Arab-Americans leaders in Washington, D.C., including locals Osama Siblani, publisher of the Dearborn-based Arab American News, and Imad Hamad, regional director of the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (“Convention to tackle Arab-American rights”).

(Today’s article is under Deb Price’s byline, although she usually writes as the News’s lesbian-affairs columnist. Gregg Krupa is their regular reporter on Arab-Americans, but he's been strangely AWOL all week, all the stranger since the controversy over the UM-Dearborn foot baths should have been his beat. That story was covered instead by Karen Bouffard. But then lo and behold this morning I find Gregg has re-appeared in a nice piece about an Arab American handholding demonstration. “(People of Arabic descent give unity a hand in Dearborn”).)

In any event, this weekend’s convention is meant to brainstorm “solutions to threats to civil liberties at home as well as to the ongoing turmoil in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.”

On the civil liberties front, one panelist, Salah Husseini, 25, plans to

“talk about his experiences growing up in Grosse Pointe, attending University of Michigan and now going to law school at American University. ‘There is a huge problem with racism, and now it is being directed at Muslims and Arabs,’ he said.”

Just in case that went by too fast, I will repeat.

Mr. Husseini grew up in Grosse Pointe, attended the University of Michigan, and is now a law student at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. His area of subject matter on the panel will be the “huge problem with racism, directed at Muslims and Arabs," including, presumably, himself.

Talk about a brother being behind the 8-Ball.

Obviously, being the victim of prejudice hasn't kept him down. But just imagine where'd he be now if it weren't for this country's huge problem with racism?


Anonymous said...

What the fuck? You think black people still have it easy?

Are you one of those "I hate niggers but if they are Republican than I'll keep one around" types?

You think you are the "voice of resistance" but that is PATHETIC. All you do is run a blog. Do you have any weapons? Do you publish a physical newspaper? Do you have adherents that congregate with you, in person, every week? Do you have a concrete blueprint for taking back whatever you think was taken from you?

No. You are a little whiny bitch who writes a blog and thinks that's "resistance" because you borrow a few links from Debbie Schlussel and can quote other right-wing commentators while reproducing, quite quickly, public links to other blogs that any astute snooper could have found with your waste of html.

By the way, your design format is horrific. Did you ever take blog cues from the successful ones?

Having fun running your "resistance" movement! Let me know when you have more than one person in your club.

T.R. Clancy said...

Hmm. I can't really let you know anything because you've stayed safely anonymous.

Anyhow, why criticize us for being small? We got your attention, didn't we?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Re-read what you have written on this blog. Are you blustering or have you actully revealed
something about yourself? Oops!

So, you represent a congregation of adherents who feel they have had something taken away from them. Hmm - could it be Palestine?

A congregation of Palestinians with their own "physical newspaper". Does this mean it also has weapons and a concrete blueprint for war?

Please, do tell...

I know of two such newspapers published for their "adherents".
I suppose I need to notify the authorities.

But, for now I am contentedly amused by your revelation of clandestine meetings, making concrete war plans and stockpiling weapons.

Thanks for the tip

Darby Shaw

Anonymous said...


You are the whiner. Go find your brain and learn how to use it. Your insults are foolish. I'm sure you could never be confused with any facts. How arrogant of somebody to question the unwavering allegiance to your leftist jihadi bullshit.

Welcome to America bitch.