Monday, June 25, 2007

Foot-Washing Facilities at Stony Brook U

Here’s an interesting, rather amusing video introducing the Muslim Student Association (MSA), at Stony Brook University, which is part of the public State University of New York system (SUNY). The guy who made the video has a sense of humor, as you can see when he plays the role of all the MSA members himself.

The MSA is the ostensible movement pushing for ritual foot-washing facilities in public universities and colleges across the country, though the actual driving force we suspect is CAIR, which has taken full ownership in defense of the foot baths here at UM-Dearborn. (“The ACLU’s Non-Agression Pact with CAIR”)

The video gives a look into the prayer room provided to the Muslims at Stony Brook, (including the dividing screen behind which the Muslim “sisters” remain unseen). It also shows the “special wudu stations provided by the university,” of which the narrator is particularly proud.

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Anonymous said...

Hi -

I wonder what it feels like to be a woman stuck behind that screen in the MSA. What a sad state of affairs when women are relegated to such a low status - if only they would see themselves as being able to overcome the chains and slavery of Islam. If only Muslim women could see that there is a whole world where they are not the property of a man. Makes me think how far the world has come for all women, but NOT for Muslim women.