Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The DFP reports Metro-area Muslim & Catholics are licking their wounds. Our community is not divided on this issue. According to the article, local religious leaders Christian and Muslim, agree the pope quote reveals the popes dearth of Islamic education and understanding. If he had more knowledge of Islam he would have censored his comments. Local Catholic leaders are trying to repair the damage.

Rev. Tom Reese (Jesuit scholar at Georgetown University) said, “the Vatican now lacks some of the smart political instincts that John Paul II always had. Last week, there wasn’t anybody going over the pope’s talk – before he gave it”–“who could go running into his office and say, ‘Your Holiness, you just can’t say these words!’?”

Well, I know who could say this – Muslims. They say it to everyone else. But, Rev. Reese explains why censoring His Holiness is necessary, “If the Vatican says something dumb about Muslims, people will die in parts of Africa, and churches will be burned in Indonesia, let alone what happens in the Middle East.”

Local Muslim leaders respond to perceived insults of Islam with a call for more dialogue and building bridges. Local Christian leaders respond by apologizing for everything. We agree there is too much religious conflict. But, the source of conflict manages to evade critisism with bombs and violence. The Islamic religion is compelled to subsume all in the name of All-ah.

Judaism, Christianity, & Islam are three separate religions. The gaps that are supposed to be bridged are simply differences. If they were not there all religion would be the same. If Islam has its way then these "gaps" which define religious freedom will no longer exist. One world religion could end the wars and violence at the cost of free will. But, the absense of war is not peace.

Tolerance should be defined as a disposition. It should allow freedom of choice and behavior. It is not coercive and requires no instruction. I'll sing, "Muslim bridges falling down" and let freedom ring.

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