Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From the Jerusalem Post: "Gazans warn pope to accept Islam"


The next time you read comments from local Dearborn Muslims in the Free Press, the News, or the Press & Guide, who feel they have been targets of persecution because they heard somewhere that a downriver delinquent teased a Muslim woman because her head was covered, compare the following example of what genuine religious targeting looks like. Alas, this burning of churches is nothing new for the Orthodox, who have suffered the depredations of the most peaceful of religions for more than 1200 years.

As for Dr. Imad Hamto’s calls for the Pope to convert, or die, he is telling the truth that this comes straight from the Prophet. Strange thing of it is, this was precisely what Pope Benedict, indirectly, was criticizing when he referred to the unreason of a religion urging conversion under the threat of force. Yet when Hamto or his maniac colleagues say this is what Islam stands for, no one accuses them of going too far, or being ignorant of Islam. Like too much blood sugar, this level of irony is reaching a toxic effect with me, and the last couple days I have been in a near comatose state.

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