Sunday, March 02, 2014

Hare Today, Gun Tomorrow

Plaudits to the Detroit mother who defended her home and two children last Monday by opening fire on a trio of teenage home invaders who kicked her door in.  (“Detroit woman opens fire when 3 teens break into home”).   When they disregarded her warning that she was armed, she drove them off with multiple shots from a semi-automatic rifle.  When one of the assailants went back in for a second try, she opened fire again.  None of the assailants was hurt; all three were caught.  This wasn’t their first home invasion.   Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who publicly endorses armed citizens as a deterrent to crime, said the mother did the right thing.  Craig said the mother’s armed response “sends a message.”  Since last Monday two more Detroiters sent even louder messages, both using lethal force to defend themselves.

One guy not likely to get these messages is Darrell Dawsey, whose latest hysterical tract promoting race war showed up just a day earlier on Deadline Detroit: “Why Shouldn't We Arm Ourselves Against Stand-Your-Ground Shooters?”  His article features a spoof press release by NRA that advocates lowering the legal age for gun purchase to 15 so that black teenagers can protect themselves from Stand-Your-Ground stalkers.  “’This would allow all law-abiding teenagers to enjoy the same gun rights and legal protections as adults in defending themselves from attackers.’”

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