Monday, October 08, 2012

Joint Chiefs Commencing ‘Operation Protect Islam’

As I’ve written elsewhere, the test for creeping Sharia isn’t how many radical imams are openly calling for the death of infidels, but rather “how hard nonMuslims work to silence offenders on the excuse that the insult will incite violence within the Muslim community.” (“Why We Need Terry Jones”).

It’s now being reported that the demand Muslims groups made to the federal government last year that successfully resulted in training materials regarding radical Islam be purged from government agencies has now reached the Department of Defense. As is being reported by the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor:

During a Pentagon press conference on May 10, 2012, General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, publicly excoriated Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Matthew Dooley, a 1994 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a highly decorated combat veteran. His reason: The course on Islamic Radicalism which LTC Dooley was teaching at the Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC) of the National Defense University was offensive to Muslims.

General Dempsey characterized LTC Dooley’s course as "totally objectionable," and ordered all material offensive to Islam scrubbed from military professional education within the JFSC and elsewhere. But that’s not all. LTC Dooley was fired from his instructor position and given an ordered negative Officer Evaluation Report (OER) — the death-knell for a military career.
The actions against LTC Dooley follow a letter to the Department of Defense dated October 19, 2011 signed by 57 Muslim organizations demanding that all training materials offensive to Islam and Muslims be purged and the trainers disciplined.

A year ago, we reported on how Muslim Brotherhood front groups like MPAC and ISNA mau-maued the FBI into purging any training material “that correlates extremist violence with Islam.”(“ Train in Vain”).  By this spring, the FBI had “pulled more than 700 documents and 300 presentations that stereotyped Islam or were factually inaccurate.” Stereotyped? According to the FBI spokesman, “Some of the materials say Islam promotes violence and extremism.” (“FBI’s Mueller to Brotherhood’s ISNA: ‘I’m Your Puppet’”).

It looks like the same Brotherhood broom is sweeping through our military training, as well.

Now JCS Chairman Dempsey has personally destroyed a brilliant officer’s career in service to the Joint Chiefs’ higher mission to protect and defend the feelings of Muslims.

You might remember Gen. Dempsey’s name from his recent efforts, also on behalf of the feelings of Muslims, personally calling Terry Jones during the latest round of 9/11 attacks, to ask him to withdraw his support for the trailer/film, “Innocence of Muslims.”

Dempsey’s spokesman, Col. David Lapan, told CNN that "Jones' support of the film risks causing more violence and death."

Odd, isn’t it, that Dempsey had no problem figuring out that Islam promotes violence and extremism when the Brothers are rioting outside our embassies in twenty countries?  I guess knowing that is okay so long as you don’t write it down  in a training manual.

The special ugliness of this appeasement policy is that the Islamists aren’t just managing to force us to self-censor when it comes to the subject of Islam and violence, but they’re also using us to punish anyone who has offended them. Last year’s letter calling for a purge of training materials also included the demand that government agencies “ensure that personnel reviews are conducted and all trainers and other government employees who promoted biased trainers and training materials are effectively disciplined.”

And I guess that what they did to Colonel Dooley.  When an officer as deserving of better treatment as LTC Dooley is publicly busted by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at a Pentagon press briefing, you know it’s a message conveyed directly to the Brotherhood, a message saying “We have carried out your orders.”

During the recent rioting in Cairo over the “Innocence of Muslims” flap, Egyptian president and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi demanded the US “take legal action in the US against the film's producers,” and Morsi’s spokesman said “that the United States should do a better job of protecting Islam.” Protesters in places like Indonesia were doing the same thing, unfurling banners that said “Go to hell America,” and demanding “Washington punish the makers of the film.”

If you believe Nakoula Basseley Nakoula’s midnight ride to the cop shop for “questioning,” and then his re-arrest days later on a “probation violation” had nothing to do with those jihadist demands, then I have a Bible and Christian Gift Shop in Riyadh I’d like to sell you.

Nakoula may not be the quality of man that Dooley is, but that’s hardly the point. The point is that the Muslim Brotherhood tells our highest officials to jump, and their only response is to ask “how high?”

But there’s no Sharia in America.


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RollingEyes said...

Great reminder of the mess we in the west find ourselves. Just one more reason why all should vote Romney-Ryan on Nov 6. Thanks for keeping us informed.