Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Choke’s on Us, or, Hoodie You Think You’re Kidding?

Jennie Hoodie
Jennifer Granholm reportedly “choked up while discussing the murder of Trayvon Martin on her show on Wednesday night,” according to HuffPoGranholm, Michigan’s first Depression-era governor since Luren Dickinson, wanted to show solidarity with Martin, and maybe pick up some ratings for her talk show on Al Gore’s Current TV.

The picture of Granholm as a thug recalls the days not long ago when she and her fellow political gangbangers were paint-bombing the state with their distinctive economic graffiti.
After leaving Michigan’s economy in shambles, she’s moved on to teaching at Berkley and dispensing advice on comedy news shows on how to create jobs. (Get it?).  Then her “War Room” talk show premiered earlier this year. In her first episode she said,

“I'm obsessed with democracy. . . I've been there on the ground when people have lost their jobs, their homes, their loved ones overseas.”

No one in Michigan can remember anything she ever did about any of those things. But she was on the ground -- not as flat as many of her citizens, but definitely on the ground.

Going by the quality of her past judgments, her decision to side with the Sharpton-Jackson axis during this latest controversy might be a good sign that history and the facts will end up vindicating Zimmerman in the end.  (I take no sides. But for the moment the police are saying that Zimmerman’s story is “consistent”with the evidence).

Ah, well, she’s no longer governor and I’m glad of it. I give her nary a thought now.  But seeing her “I am Trayvon” pic in the Free Press brought back a memory or two. 
It even kind of choked me up.


Refugee Racket Webteam said...

I do love seeing these leftist clowns in their hoodies? I get a laugh everytime I see one.

Dearborn Citizen said...

Testimony now coming out that this Hispanic man and his wife tutor young black children as volunteers. No verbal evidence that the color of the young man's skin was a factor in him looking suspicious to Zimmerman, leaving the fact that a hooded and young man was walking through a neighborhood where crime was a problem, and was unknown to this neighbor. It still appears that drawing a gun was not justified, since Zimmerman was being punched, not attacked with a weapon. But the charges of racism are, so far, unfounded.

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

...It still appears that drawing a gun was not justified, since Zimmerman was being punched, not attacked with a weapon...

That is not right. If a person is attacked by someone, and the attacker does not have a weapon, that does not mean the person attacked cannot use his weapon. That is what 'stand your ground' means. If you are attacked in a public area as Zimmerman was, you have a right to use your weapon against the attacker, whether he has any equivalent weapon.