Saturday, January 14, 2012

Afghanistan’s Number One Problem


According to the Washington Post, the emergence of the Internet video depicting four U.S. Marines going Number One on three dead Taliban jihadists “didn’t seem to immediately set back movement toward exploratory negotiations with the Taliban. Asked about possible implications for peace talks, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that the U.S. remained strongly committed to supporting Afghan efforts.” (“Marines name three-star general to decide what, if any, action to take in urination case”).

We’re so relieved.  (No pun intended).  We wouldn’t want the Obama administration’s efforts to hand Afghanistan back over to the Taliban ruined by the fighting men we sent there  to take it away from them in the first place.

Seriously, DU doesn’t approve of the desecration of human bodies.  But we don’t find this incident of particular gravity in the history of warfare.  A Washington Post poll shows that 82% of respondents reacted with, “It's not surprising -- things like this happen in war.”  (In contrast, over 48% of Americans think quarterbacks dropping to one knee after every completed pass say “It’s shocking – things like this should never happen in professional sports.”)

What is much more disturbing than the pissing Marines is that the United States government is participating in peace talks with the Taliban at all.  There can be no other outcome  to such talks than that the Taliban returns to  Afghanistan while we leave.  But the whole purpose of the war, (the war that even Obama and his fellow Democrats endorsed “the good war”) was to rid Afghanistan of the Taliban.  It was just about the only thing Americans agreed on through all this strife  and division since 9/11.

Just whose getting peed on here? 

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