Friday, April 22, 2011

Announcing Dearborn's Official 'No Free Speech' Zone

From Reuters:

Terry Jones, 59, was sent to the county jail in Detroit after he declined to meet the terms of a ruling by District Judge Mark Somers in an apparent protest.

Somers had ordered Jones and a supporter, Wayne Sapp, to each pay $1 under the terms of an order that would have also barred them from the Islamic Center of America mosque and nearby public property for three years.

That should keep things quiet.

By the way, Jones and Sapp have been criminally convicted of absolutely nothing.

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Unknown said...

Hopefully the ACLU's lawsuit will prevail and Jones will appeal the judgement - I don't see how this is constitutional or will last.

But your remarks are fairly accurate about this entire situation. The hysteria that consumed this event was deplorable, but not surprising when it also spewed forth from Mayor Jack. He will be up for reelection soon and needs to please the Arab constituency.

But I'll never vote for that clown again. $20 million in the hole, still spending our money on crap we don't need, and now this with Jones. Its sickening.