Sunday, September 05, 2010

Zakat’s Outta the Bag

Now just why is it that every time Muslims in America undertake a public-relations blitz to spruce up the old image and get people’s minds off all that international jihad, Hamas is always right around the corner?

Take Islamic Relief USA, the outfit that is behind the national “Day of Dignity” that came to Detroit on Saturday. (“Muslims express faith by giving on Day of Dignity”).

I looked at IR-USA’s website, and within two clicks I found out they are a partner of Islamic Relief Worldwide, (and also that one of IRW’s 21 international field offices is in “Palestine”: “You can help Palestinians who face difficult times under the siege. Please go inside to know more about the bank accounts and how to donate and help poor people.”

Ordinary Gazans are certainly entitled to get charity from whoever is willing to send it. God knows Hamas isn’t going to give it to them. But then it turns out that IRW has a history of links to Al Qaeda, Chechen rebels, and, naturally, Hamas.

Israel designated Islamic Relief a Hamas front in 2006.

But don’t all charities have questionable ties when you get down to it? Well, maybe not.

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