Friday, July 23, 2010

Everybody Talks About the Twitter, But Nobody Does Anything About It

It’s a sign of just how distorted the perceptions of many Americans are right now that a mainstream story about Sarah Palin’s opposition to the triumphalist 9/11 mosque planned for the World Trade Center site is more concerned with her malaprop, “refudiate.”

This is the headline from an online ABC News article by Joel Siegel:

Sarah Palin 'Refudiates' Ground Zero Mosque
Palin Calls on New Yorkers to 'Refudiate' Mosque Near 9/11 Site

In my view, if I’m the average American who has missed hearing about this story at all, the only sane response to this headline is to do a spit take and cry out, “WTF! What do you mean a Ground Zero mosque! What do they mean a “mosque near 9/11 site?”

Instead, I am supposed to be shocked, tickled, or for all I know, outraged, that Sarah Palin said “refudiate” in a damned tweet message.

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Sarah Fan said...

So, after carefully scanning and scrutinizing every single thing Sarah Palin says and does, that's the worst thing they could find to attack her reputation with? Geez, i hope the public gets how pathetic that is.