Thursday, April 01, 2010

Jihad Jane's Dearborn Connection

Dearborn attorney Majed Moughni, who led a rally denouncing Islamic terrorism in a gen-u-ine man-bites-dog story in January, (“Protest Organizer Wants To ‘Ignite a Movement’”), has been threatened by the same international plotters -- including “Jihad Jane” -- who were planning to murder a Swedish cartoonist for drawing Mohammed’s head on the body of a dog, (a “roundabout dog,” actually, a Swedish particularity).

As reported in the Detroit Free Press:

An Algerian man in Ireland charged with making death threats against a Dearborn attorney is also suspected of being part of an international plot to murder a Swedish cartoonist for his drawings of Islam's prophet, according to the attorney and Irish media reports.

Authorities have arrested the Algerian man in Ireland, Ali Charafe Damache, 44, for making death threats over the phone to Majed Moughni, the Dearborn attorney who led a rally against Islamic terrorism after the Christmas Day terror attempt over Detroit.

The arrested suspect is also reported to be part of an international plot by Muslims to murder a Swedish cartoonish who sparked protests in 2007 after drawing the head of Islam's prophet, Mohammed, on the body of a dog. (“Algerian charged with threatening Dearborn attorney also suspected of plot against Swedish cartoonist”).

Freep reporter Niraj Warikoo writes that after the rally Damache left a message on Moughni’s phone:
“I want to congratulate you for your place in hellfire, Inshallah,” the caller said, using an Arabic phrase that means, God willing. "If you’re in front of me, I will shoot you. I will put a bullet in your head. This is the consequence of a hypocrite.”

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