Wednesday, December 09, 2009

MPAC To Hasan: 'Bad Muslim! Bad, Bad Muslim!'

In case you haven’t heard the message lately, Ft. Hood jihadist killer Major Nidal Hasan’s actions were “unIslamic.”

Or so sermonizes Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) founder, Salam Al-Marayati in today’s Wall Street Journal. (“Major Hasan and the Quran”). Al-Marayati denounces Hasan as thoroughly as imaginable, calling on him to consider “repentance” as an option, in addition to possibly entering an insanity defense:
He should take responsibility for his horrific act of violence. He should beg for forgiveness from God for murdering 13 people and injuring 31 more. He should apologize to the families of the victims. He should ask for forgiveness from his fellow members of the military, and from the American people, as he betrayed our entire nation—including Muslim-Americans who are paying the price for his shameful and un-Islamic actions.
There now. That should make all of us feel better. Now we know that Hasan’s acts weren’t terrorist-related at all, and especially not related to Islam. No less a spokesman than the executive director of MPAC is giving it to Hasan--who is paralyzed, hated, and forsaken by almost every fellow Muslim in America--giving it to him with both barrels.

Al-Marayati’s display of moral courage would be exemplary, if it weren’t so sickening.

I wouldn’t try to lessen Hasan’s jihadist murder one speck. But just looking at it on a global scale, and as it ranks in the ever-growing catalogue of Islamist mass murders in the 21st century, Hasan’s attack would not make the top 100. If Al-Marayati wants to vent his spleen at Islamists who aren’t being true to “Islam's goal of peacemaking,”(!) can't he find bigger, more far-reaching, and less spent, targets to pretend to scream at?

Why only Tuesday, Islamists murdered more than 121 people murdered in Iraq and wounded 400, and Islamists have killed 100 people in Pakistan in a series of bombings just in the past 5 days.

But why aren’t we hearing Al-Marayati, or MPAC, condemn the truly deadly terror groups: Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Lashkar-e-Taiba, or bin Laden, or al-Zarqawi, or Anwar al-Alawki--the death-dealing ones who inspired Hasan in the first place, and continue to inspire thousands more? Hasan is finished, facing either a life in prison or execution. He’s harmless now. It doesn’t cost MPAC a thing to call him a bad Muslim.

Or are we really supposed to believe that Al-Marayati is only concerned for Hasan’s soul?

MPAC is well-known for its two-faced condemnations of terrorism even while working to get the U.S. government to remove Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad from its list of terrorist organizations. Or blaming Israel for 9/11. (“Salam Al-Marayati: The Anti-Anti-Terrorist”). Or comparing Islamist terrorists to the Freedom Fighters in the American Revolution. (“CAMERA ALERT: LA Times Mum on Al-Marayati's Record”).

MPAC members have a history of abject dishonesty about their true sentiments, as documented, in part by Steven Emerson and Daniel Pipes. (“MPAC, CAIR, and Praising Osama bin Laden”). In short, I’m not buying it. You shouldn’t, either.

In a week that’s already featured Obama visiting Congress only to talk to Democrats, Harry Reid tattling at America like the kid that used to report his classmates to the principal, and an ecstatic Lisa Jackson grinning triumphantly that she and the EPA own all the carbon dioxide in 50 states, Al-Marayati’s naked cynicism is leaving us a little cold.


Wendy Woodley said...

I hope and pray that someday very soon ALL the American people will wake up and realize how deceitful and dangerous these Jihadists and their defenders are - and the extent to which they've infiltrated our country.
Wendy Woodley, Dearborn, MI

woody guthry said...

wendy, you are right, americans are asleep:

and just happy go lucky, clueless:

and lazy:

and we eat a lot:

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the American people are going to wake up and see the truth any time soon.