Tuesday, April 07, 2009

President Obama Pulls Out a Plum

Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner,
Eating a Christmas pie;
He put in his thumb,
And pulled out a plum,
And said 'What a good boy am I!'

President Barack Obama, during his surprise visit to Iraq today, had this to say to American troops at Camp Victory:
"You've kept your eyes focused on just doing your job and because of that, every mission that's been assigned, from getting rid of Saddam to reducing violence to stabilizing the country to facilitating elections, you have given Iraq the opportunity to stand on its own as a democratic country. That is an extraordinary achievement and for that you have the thanks of the American people."
Do you really believe this, Mr. President, even if Iraq was a “dumb war,” and a “dangerous distraction” ?

Are you so small that you still refuse to mention the name of the Man who gave those troops every mission they were assigned, "from getting rid of Saddam to reducing violence to stabilizing the country to facilitating elections"?

Don’t get me wrong. The troops who fought in Iraq, and who are still fighting there, deserve every bit of this praise from their Commander in Chief, and from all of us, and more.

But am I the only disgusted by the way Obama gets away with the pretense that he’s the one initiating plans to get our troops out of Iraq and letting the Iraqis take over their own defense?

WASHINGTON, Aug. 11, 2005 "As Iraqis stand up, we will stand down," President Bush told reporters following a meeting today with his national security team in Crawford, Texas.

The president met with Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Joint Chiefs Chairman Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers. He said the Iraqi push to write a constitution is on track for release Aug. 15.

Bush said the constitution is a critical step for Iraq. "Iraqis are taking control of their country," he said. "They are building a free nation that can govern itself, sustain itself and defend itself."

. . . .Bush said the mission is a tough one because the enemy understands the stakes. "A free Iraq in the heart of the Middle East will deliver a serious blow to their hateful ideology," he said. (“Bush: As Iraqis Stand Up, U.S. Will Stand Down”).

Two years later, Obama's biggest supporters were still saying the war in Iraq was lost.

I just want to see credit where it's due.


D.W. said...

Islam, which is a way of life, takes practical steps to organize a movement for freeing man. Other societies do not give it [Islam] any opportunity to organize its followers according to its own method, and hence it is the duty of Islam to annihilate all such systems, as they are obstacles in the way of universal freedom. Only in this manner can the way of life be wholly dedicated to Allah, so that neither any human authority nor the question of servitude remains, as is the case in all other systems which are based on man's servitude to man.

Puzzled Fordson said...

Was D.W. extolling the virtues of Islam or pointing out the violence that is at its heart? Either way, I don't understand the first line, which says Islam takes 'practical steps to organize a movement for freeing man.' Total domination of every waking moment by the religious police is hardly freedom. Personal choices are obviously outlawed by Islam. How is that freedom?

T.R. Clancy said...


I believe D.W.'s first line was meant to paraphrase the Islamic point of view, in order to explain it. I believe he means that Muslims are only truly free to be dedicated Muslims where no other competing religions or philosophies can be allowed to detract from their total dedication to Allah. Therefore, the intolerance and violence towards all non-Islamic culture.