Sunday, March 22, 2009

Imam Elahi Says Obama's Video Greeting Is 'Wise'

Before the Ayatollah had a chance to make his response to it, local Iranian agent Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi said of President Obama’s video greeting to “the Islamic Republic of Iran”: “It is so wise.” (“Muslims heartened by Obama greeting”).

Dawud Walid, head of Michigan CAIR, declared Obama’s greeting “unprecedented.”

And then,

“The past eight years created a huge roadblock,” said Imad Hamad, regional chairman of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

“I see the president on the right track, stepping up with an initiative as the primary way of addressing issues head on.”
I’m sure Gregg Krupa collected these helpful quotations and had them in print before the response of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hit the news, basically shooting Obama down with a firm “not so fast, infidel.”(“Iran's supreme leader dismisses Obama overtures”) :
“Have you released Iranian assets? Have you lifted oppressive sanctions? Have you given up mudslinging and making accusations against the great Iranian nation and its officials? Have you given up your unconditional support for the Zionist regime? Even the language remains unchanged,” Khamenei said.

Khamenei,wearing a black turban and dark robes, said America was hated around the world for its arrogance, as the crowd chanted “Death to America.”
We’ll see how the president addresses the “issues head on” of the Iranian demand for our betrayal of Israel, or our backing down of criticism of Iran’s funding for Hamas and Hezbollah, and exporting terrorism around the globe, and their efforts to get nukes and missiles to launch them on.

It may turn out that the "huge roadblock" of the past eight years was the best thing for the world after all.


Anonymous said...

As a non-Muslim, I can't imagine what sort of roadblock Imad Hamad imagines in his way. Afterall, he is a purported terrorist living in this country where he has committed numerous crimes.

Instead of being in jail, he occupies an appointed governmental position. So, the government is paying him to screw them over.

I prefaced this with the point of my being non-muslim. I recall making a similar statement about liberals and it went something like this: as a non-liberal, I can't imagine why the liberals complain so much and demand change.

Now that B.O. has begun this change process, I am surprised by how surprised I am. Oh, so this is what they were actually wanting all along! Why didn't they say so. I call it socialism. They insist it is not anything evil and destructive like socialism.

With Islam it is the same. I can't imagine what more they could want. I believe that when our Constitution is replaced by Shari'a law, I will not be as surprised. I will say, I told you this is what they wanted all along.

T.R. Clancy said...

I suppose he is thinking of a roadblock preventing improved "civil rights" for Muslims in America, which is code language (at least in his mouth) for "Sharia."