Sunday, August 10, 2008

Noose Update

Last December I predicted the Great CMU Noose Incident of 2007 would not result in any charges, as it was only a prank. (If you can’t remember this tempest in a teapot, you can refresh your memory here. (“The Preacher, the Prosecutor, and the Lynch Law”)).

As promised, on July 30 the matter was dropped with both federal and state charges being ruled out. (“No federal charges in CMU noose case”; “Eight-month probe into CMU nooses ends”).

Back then, head rabblerouser, Al Sharpton protégé Rev. Charles Williams II, declared “This is not just a prank…This is serious and the Isabella County office needs to prosecute to the fullest extent, or we will be calling for a national protest.”

Now, none of the hypocritical clergymen, who back then were too beside themselves with impatience for "justice" to wait for facts or due process, have a thing to say about the matter being dropped now.

Now, charges aren’t going to happen and there isn’t going to be any prosecution “to the fullest extent.”

So where’s the promised national protest? Since the announcement was made neither Rev. Wendell Anthony, president of the Detroit branch of the NAACP, nor Rev. Samuel H. Bullock Jr. of the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit , both outspoken at last year’s noose rally, have been available for comment.

Rev. William Revely, whose sweet kisser was featured on our blog last December demanding instant justice at December's rally for all CMU's lynching victims, has now figured out that, at least where Kwame Kilpatrick is concerned, taking a go-slower approach to due process is a better alternative. How so? Because "of course, we don't know -- something you are alleged to do is not necessarily something you did." ("Prayers for Mayor Kilpatrick grow; calls for resignation continue").

Yes, now they're all busy defending Kwame Kilpatrick (last count, ten felonies and rising), and insisting he’s entitled to his day in court.

These charlatans could have cared less about due process when they were trying to lynch this kid at CMU last December.

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