Sunday, March 02, 2014

Maybe Michigan Doesn’t Want To Go Over the Falls

“It’s the state of Michigan that’s paddling against a Niagara of social change.”

- Detroit News columnist Laura Berman.

I know whenever I’m watching a picture where the heroes are desperately paddling upstream to avoid a deadly waterfall, I always root for the waterfall. Don’t you?

According to Laura Berman,  the lesbian couple adoption/same sex-marriage case going on in Detroit’s federal district court right now (“Michigan lags rest of nation in move to enact social change”),“is shaping up as a modern day Scopes ‘monkey’ trial that pits the force of modernity against tradition, science against religion.”

Berman wants the rest of us rubes to know that, whatever traditional notions we’re clinging to that there’s a link between parenthood and heterosexual behavior, science knows nothing of it.

Please read the rest at The Public Thing.

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