Friday, May 04, 2012

And the Winner Is . . .

Hat tip to Creeping Sharia.

The Eastern Echo, Eastern Michigan University’s “independent” student newspaper, is heralding the success of the Muslim Student Association in its fund-raising efforts. The Muslim Student Association was founded directly by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1963 as part of the Ikhwan’s civilization jihad

Says the Echo:

The Muslim Student Association won the 2012 Student Government Charity Challenge. Each year EMU’s Student Government holds a contest amongst the student organizations to see who can raise the most money for a Michigan-based nonprofit of their choice, with the promise of matching the winner’s amount up to $2,000.

Sounds commendable, no? to hear that the MSA is plowing its award-winning donations back into a Michigan beneficiary – perhaps to help out Michigan’s poor, unemployed, or disabled. But wait, the money isn’t going to end up in Michigan – it’s all going to the Ummah, the only charity the MSA ever has or ever will care about.

“We got the full $2,000,” said Zaineb Al-Kalby, vice president of the MSA. “We picked the organization Life for Relief and Development and all of the money we raised is going to help out the people of Syria,” she said, alluding to the country’s current and very violent uprising.

And don’t bet that the money actually is destined for deserving folks in Syria.  

Life for Relief and Development is a Hamas front whose original operator was Muthanna al-Hanooti, an agent for Saddam Hussein who was using LIFE to persuade the US to drop its sanctions against Iraq. He was convicted in 2011 of violating the sanctions against Iraq. He was also the one-time executive director of CAIR-MI before Dawud Walid got the job. According to a 2001 FBI report, “’Al-Hanooti collected over $6 million for support of Hamas,’ . . . and was present with CAIR and Holy Land officials at a secret Hamas fundraising summit held in 1993 at a Philadelphia hotel. Prosecutors added his name to the list of unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land case.”

The EMU newspaper (named the “Echo” for reasons we can clearly understand) was also excited to report on MSA’s “Walk In My Shoes Day”:

a day in which non-Muslim women wear a hijab and dress modestly for a day, as would a Muslim woman, and then discuss their experience and observations. “We want people to ask why they’re wearing a hijab. We get asked that all the time. We want people to openly discuss these kinds of things,” said [MSA vice president Zaineb] Al-Kalby.”

Why EMU women couldn’t dress modestly for a day without putting on a hijab is a question that comes to mind. But, that aside, finagling students who have little grounding in their identity as Westerners to imitate Islamic practices is a clever way to plant an unconscious sympathy for Islam that can pay off for the Ummah later.    As any college student can tell you, your parents’ religion is stupid, but Islam is cool.

And by contrast with what’s not cool, DU has been unable to confirm that last year’s “Hang Out In My Habit Day” sponsored by campus Catholics is going to be repeated this year. That was the day in which non-Catholic women dressed up as discalced Carmelites observing the Grand Silence.  Last year’s event led to some confusion as most of the campus’s Catholic students had never actually clapped eyes on a nun who  wore a habit, and then were frustrated when their repeated questions about it were met with wordless frowns. Then there were the LGBT students who all assumed that the participants were transgendered Act Up! members irreverently mocking  a homophobic and patriarchal church, only to be disappointed that the faux-nuns they skipped after all over campus never actually led them to a Rainbow Pride event. When it was discovered that the participants were all women, the ACLU promptly filed a lawsuit.

The point is that $2,000 of EMU Student Government funds has been donated to Life for Relief and Development to be used somehow and somewhere to build the global caliphate.

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Refugee Racket Webteam said...

My recent exposure to college students here in Charlotte (UNCC) only confirmed what I had known. They are so brainwashed into liberalism, they are braindead. They simply cannot think for themselves. You point out contradictions about Islam, liberalism and Obama, and they just stare at you with this 'what are you talking about' look.