Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Reader’s Comments

A reader has shared this with us:

Good afternoon, Mr. Clancy,

I noticed the newspaper coverage of the anti-Lowe's demonstration last week in Allen Park. The article quoted several non-Muslims who joined the protest in good faith, believing the issue to be one of anti-Muslim bigotry. They were wrong, however, which the Free Press article actually stated. You may have noticed this, also.

The Free Press article stated that the Florida Christian group was NOT protesting the show 'All-American Muslim' because the people being shown were Muslim. The issue was that the show falsely claims that ALL Muslims in America are loyal Americans, and don't support terrorists. That is what the Arab-American college professor claimed on the 'Mitch Albom Show' , as well. Now, if the Free Press article quoted them accurately, and they surely meant to, then this issue is NOT one of bigotry. The issue is whether or not the show is honest about the loyalty of Arab-Muslims in America. Because you and I live in Dearborn and see what goes on here, we know that the show is NOT honest. We know that many Arab-Muslims in Dearborn support Hezbollah, a violent enemy of America. The 'last prisoner' turned over from American forces to Iraqi was a Hezbollah commander responsible for deadly attacks on American soldiers. According to our Military, Hezbollah has been supplying bombs and training to Iraqi insurgents for years in order to kill Americans.

Therefore, Lowe's is absolutely correct in dropping their support from the show. It would go a long way if someone in the media made this observation in public.

Also, have you seen the 'Doonesbury' comic strip the last couple of days? As our soldiers come home from Iraq, the author of 'Doonesbury' is pushing to have the creators of the war tried for war crimes. One of his points made this week is that, since the American invasion in 2003, 600 thousand of the 1 million Christians that lived in Iraq before the invasion have fled the country. The 'largest Christian diaspora in history' is the statement. The thing is, 'Doonesbury' blames GEORGE BUSH for the diaspora. 'Can you say ironic?' is the line.

'Doonesbury' somehow refrains from the obvious point that removing the violent despot Saddam Hussein from power allowed violent, murderous Muslims to attack and kill Christians. The Christians didn't leave the country because the Americans arrived. They left because they were being attacked by Muslims. Somehow, 'Doonesbury' didn't want to make this last statement, although it is obvious. American removed a despot from power. Like that or not, America did not then attack Christians. Blame George Bush for starting the war if you like, but the actions of the Iraqi populace belong to them.

Many of the Iraqi Christians fled to Syria and have been living in absolute poverty there. I wonder what has and will become of them in that violence-torn country.

Your reader,

John H.

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PraiaFlamengo said...

Where are the Iraqi Christians relocating? I assume many are in Syria. If so wouldn't the fall of Assad be a worst disaster? How many have relocated in the US? I know of one who ran a brillant youtube campaign exposing Islam. Mohamadans unable to refute his videos managed enough flags to have his account closed. Xereiscapist