Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hey, Hey We’re the Mongees!

While the subject of the state of war between Islam and the western world is still fresh, I’d like to share something Andrew McCarthy has written in reaction to the recent Iranian plot to murder the Saudi ambassador on U.S. soil:

Iran’s sharia state has been killing and plotting to kill Americans for more than 30 years. Critics who see that observation as war-mongering repeat the folly that gave us 9/11: When the other side is already at war with you, you cannot make the war go away by ignoring it — that only emboldens the enemy. I don’t want war with Iran. I want to win the war Iran has instigated. (“Breaking Tehran”).

I wish I’d written that.

At any rate, because a “war-monger” is the party who tries to stir up a war, I believe our enemies are actually the war-mongers, which, regardless of how we respond, would naturally make us the war-mongees.

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Dearborn Citizen said...

Thanks, Mr. Clancy, for stating this truth! In Dearborn, the myth being sold constantly is that Muslims are the victims of American aggression. In Iran and in Saudi Arabia, the opposite sides of Islam pursue the same goal of 'Death to America.'