Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dearborn Supports Crackers!

Crackers of America, Dearborn welcomes you.

My name is T.R., and I am a cracker.

It’s clear from its context that when New Black Panther and Democratic poll watcher King Samir Shabazz talks about crackers, he’s using the most INCLUSIVE sense of that term to make sure all white people are included. He says, “I hate white people – all of them! Every last iota of a cracker, I hate 'em.”

I actually never heard the term “cracker” until I was well into adulthood, and I never knew it was a racial pejorative. And then I understood it to connote poor Southern whites, and used as a synonym for a redneck, white trash, a hillbilly, etc. Geneo-victimologically speaking (that’s my newly coined term for the scientific study of ancestry for the purpose of pinning down which other group of persecutors owes you the most in reparation payments) my background is working-class Irish-Catholic and French-Canadian. I think both groups have historically been most resentful, for different reasons, of British protestants. Personally, some of my favorite people have been British protestants. So far, no one has paid us any reparations.

But if you’re just judging me by the color of my skin, then I’ll proudly wear the name, “cracker.”

Once again, with absolutely no thanks to the mainstream TV and print media, it’s getting better known that King Samir Shabazz, who used a nightstick to prevent white people from voting against Obama, proudly and loudly declares that he hates all white people.

As regular readers of DU would know, that makes Samir yet one more Black Power activist who goes by the name “Malik Shabazz.” That brings us now to four.

You’d think that because King Shabazz is so outspoken about his racist, murderous, feelings about white people, and likes to show up at polling places with a billyclub and a paramilitary outfit, he’d be able to draw the interest from someone in the Obama Justice Department Civil Rights Division. You’d think.

If you’re unfamiliar with the background of how Eric Holder’s Department of Justice dropped a civil rights lawsuit against these guys it had already won, here are some helpful accounts, here, here, and here.

A couple weeks ago former Civil Rights Division attorney J. Christian Adams testified to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission about how the DOJ under the Obama administration and Holder has openly adopted hostility to race-neutral application of the voting rights laws. He testified that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes gave instructions that “no cases would be brought against national racial minorities by the Voting Section, and if a U.S. Attorney [from another section] wanted to bring one,” he’d have to do it without cooperation from the Department’s expert on voting rights lawsuits.

Now BigGovernment has come up with video in which Malik Zulu Shabazz, the national chairman of the NBPP, (that’s why he gets the most stripes on the cuffs of his SS uniform), admits he had ordered his thugs out to polling places on Election Day 2008.

Shabazz also admits what Eric Holder won’t. That the Department of Justice is now being guided by race politics.

If you have any illusions about how bent these guys really are, here’s Zulu Shabazz after 9/11 explaining to his idiot minions why Osama bin Laden is a righteous dude.

I wish I could say that things are getting better, you know, post-racially speaking, for the nation’s Crackero-American community, but I don’t think they are. The NAACP is now doubling down on calling the majority of the country racists. The Democrats finally are playing with a full deck -- it just happens to be made up of 52 race cards and a Joker wearing the Attorney General’s face. Even Janeane Garofolo can’t give crackers any respect, and she am one!

Robert Spencer writes in one of his books that it’s impossible to have a rational conversation about race in this country. That reality is now combining with the left's determination to have a nonstop and one-sided conversation about race, with nary a concern that any of it’s rational. In fact, the more irrational it is, the better.

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