Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pipes for Peace, or, All Hamas on Deck

You may remember the running Monty Python gag about full frontal nudity. The last few months have me in mind of something I have to call full frontal bullshit. Just tell the biggest lie you can think of to the useful idiots in the press and let those who know better wear themselves to a frazzle trying to prove that the world isn’t flat, as constantly reported on CNN, WDIV, and ABC.

That anyone would believe the blockade-running strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood is a humanitarian mission is bad enough. But that the whole world believes it is almost too much.

Now I hear that an Irish ship, the MV Rachel Corrie, has decided to join in the fun. At this point, the Israelis successfully boarded the ship and diverted it to Ashdod. Named for one of the American martyrs to useful idiocy, the late Rachel Corrie, who died within a couple weeks of very publicly burning a childish image of a U.S. flag while defending Gazan tunnels used to smuggle weapons for killing Israelis, the ship meekly allowed the IDF to board without a struggle.

Why not? At this point, more damage can be done to Israel by forcing them to detain an army of grinning simpletons like Nobel peace laureate Mairéad Maguire than by throwing IDF soldiers overboard, stabbing them, or beating them to death with iron pipes.

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